Using a speaker as a low-frequency capture mic isn’t new. The Beatles used this technique as far back as the recordings of “Paperback Writer” & “Rain”. 

Go search the internet and you’ll find plenty of people dangling a speaker from a make-shift stand, re-wiring a monitor driver, or even hot-wiring a combo amp to try and garner those coveted sub-lows. 

Recently, manufacturers and DIYers have taken to wedging a leftover speaker into an repurposed orphan snare or tom drum. Sure, you’ll probably get some signal, but it takes more to get the all right pieces in place for the best possible signal at the source, so you get the best possible sound in your ears.


Enter the SOLOMON MiCS “LoFReQ”… purpose built from the ground up, to get all the coveted chest-rumbling, sub-freq goodness, in a smaller package, at HALF THE WEIGHT of the conventional manufactured sub-mic, and HALF THE PRICE as well. SOLOMON MiCS mount to standard mic stands for limitless placement options, and stand choices… Whether dressed in black, all white or the black AND white trooper, your LoFReQ will either make an impression or just seamless fit whatever aesthetic you choose… 

Get your SOLOMON LoFReQ today, and round out your sound like never before.

£229.00 inc VAT

Low Frequency Capture Device – Black

£229.00 inc VAT

Low Frequency Capture Device – Trooper (Black/White)

£229.00 inc VAT

Low Frequency Capture Device – White

£69.00 inc VAT

Gig Bag for LoFreQ Mics