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UNISYN - Click for detailed images

UNISYN for Mac


UNISYN for Windows


Unisyn gives you the most comprehensive sound management features available on the Macintosh and Windows, including seamless integration with Digital Performer.

Unisyn gives you all the features you'd expect in a leading editor/librarian. Modify a sound in Unisyn using graphic envelope controls and faders, while getting instant feedback within the context of your music as Digital Performer plays the sequence. Generate entire banks of new sounds with a click of the mouse using Blend, Randomize, and Copy/Paste Parameter features. Unisyn can even share bank names with Digital Performer and other FreeMIDI-compatible software for accurate pop-up sound lists.

Unisyn can store thousands of sounds at your fingertips and recall them instantly using database-style search criteria, such as "plucked electric bass" with "bright stereo flange". Frustrated because you can't recreate the settings in your gear for last month's project? Unisyn can do it with a few clicks of the mouse.


Full integration with DP

Over 250 devices supported

Extensive Search facilities

OMS support

unlimited undo/redo

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