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• 2 miniUSB ports

iOS Devices including iPhone (3GS and up), iPod touch (3G and up) and iPad devices running at least iOS 4.2

Personal Computers - Mac OS X, Windows (XP and up) and Linux using standard MIDI compliant drivers

each port supports 12 Mbps Full Speed USB and presents as standard USB MIDI 1.0 Device

• 1 USB A Host Port

supports any USB MIDI 1.0 class compliant device

12 Mbps Full Speed USB

supplies up to 500 mA power

supports standard powered USB hub (up to 8 devices)

• 2 x 2 MIDI DIN ports

input / output Classic MIDI DIN pairs

31250 bps throughput

MIDI Manufacturing Association compliant




Ultra High-Speed MIDI Interface for
iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac and PC



iConnectMIDI connects to all of your standard MIDI gear with the ability to handle up to twelve (12) MIDI ports in all

With iConnect MIDI you can:

- sync MIDI Apps on your iPad to MIDI Clock on your DAW

- use your iPad as a virtual keyboard with your DAW

- send MIDI from your computer to MIDI modules with a USB connection

- play MIDI sound modules from yoru USB keyboard without having to connect a computer and fire up a DAW

iConnectMIDI is packed with a patent pending MIDI Data Management Engine that enables several configurable functions making it one of the most powerful MIDI Interfaces on the market.

• MIDI Bridge (no computer required) • MIDI Merge • MIDI Thru • MIDI Mute on Input • MIDI Mute on Output • MIDI Route • Configuration Storage

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iConnect MIDI

Check out the iConnect YouTube channel


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